Articles and Tips for future and current Home Owners and Landlords. Include articles about choosing a building inspector and getting the most out of a house inspection and a building report as well as caring for your property.

Buying a house, apartment or any building is a big commitment. Make sure you are informed. Make sure you choose a quality inspection.

From a customer:

Kevin completed 2 pre-purchase inspections for us. The two locations were opposite ends of the scale with one showing extensive work required and the other very well looked after. Thanks to Kevin's inspection we pulled out of a purchase that would have been a nightmare for us. Kevin's reports were very detailed, professional and excellent in providing us with the information to make an informed decision. Highly recommend using this company for your needs!

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Take our checklist with you for a handy reminder of key things to look for inside and out.

When you are planning to buy a new property, you will likely visit lots of open homes. While you will be focused on whether there are enough bedrooms and whether the garden is big enough, it also pays to have a look for any possible issues with the property.

If it ticks all the boxes, then book a building inspection and report.

What you need to know about borer

Why we check for borer Because many New Zealand homes are built of wood, we always check for borer during our building inspections. Borer is a type of beetle that spends its larval-form years feasting on softwood. Unfortunately, that makes your house a popular place for them to live. They’ll chew their way through your… Read More

Top tips for winter home maintenance

Winter can be tough on your property, with extra rain, dampness, close-to-freezing temperatures, and wind. A little bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way towards making sure your home stays in good shape throughout our coldest, wettest season. Here’s a list of things to keep an eye on. Dampness Dampness causes mould and… Read More

What to look for when buying a house with a pool

If the house you’re planning to buy has a swimming pool or spa pool, it’s important to make sure that they comply with Building Code clause F9 (means of restricting access to residential pools). Otherwise, you may find yourself liable for the remedial work to bring them up to code. New Zealand Law Under New… Read More

purchasing an older home - Older Auckland House with deck

What to check when buying an older house

There’s something irresistible about the charm and character of an older building. But alongside the distinctive period architecture and original features, there could be a host of hidden issues. Before 1935, New Zealand had no formal set of building standards, and even homes built in the 70s and 80s used materials and products that we… Read More

What to look for in a property file

Luckily, your local council is a rich source of information about your potential new home, as they hold records that can tell you a lot about the property’s history. You’ll often hear the LIM (Land Information Memorandum) report mentioned, and some real estate agents may already have a copy of that ready for you to… Read More

Do I have asbestos in my home?

Asbestos was once thought of as a miracle product. Its excellent fire-retardant properties made it an extremely popular component of many building materials. Unfortunately, after decades of widespread use, it was discovered to cause lung disease and cancer in people who were regularly exposed to asbestos fibres. Unless it is disturbed, asbestos poses very little… Read More

wrenches on a pipe during plumbing work as part of checking renovations

Checking renovations with a pre purchase inspection

If the house you are buying has been renovated, it pays to double-check that all the renovations are of a high standard. If it is not or has not received the required consent from the local authority, you could be buying a lemon. Buying a home that has renovations or alterations without the required consent… Read More

moisture testing equipment is useful for early leak detection

Three reasons why early leak detection is important

A leak in a pipe or from an appliance can be minor if you get on it quickly, but if it goes unnoticed or it is left it can escalate into a major problem. Early leak detection is the key to saving you time, money and hassle. Three reasons why early leak detection is important… Read More

you should get a pre purchase inspection even for a new home like this grey weatherboard property

Pre-purchase inspection for a new home

If you are buying a home that is only a few years old you might assume it is in good condition. However, you should still get a pre-purchase inspection for a new home for your peace of mind. New homeowners may offer you a vendors building report if they had an inspection done recently. But… Read More

frontage of a two storey house which would benefit from a long term maintenance plan

Using your property inspection report for a long term maintenance plan

You might think a long-term maintenance plan is only for commercial buildings or apartment blocks but it can also help you keep on top of home maintenance. This can help avoid surprise repair bills and help your property retain its value. Using your property inspection report for a long-term maintenance plan is a good starting… Read More