Articles and Tips for future and current Home Owners and Landlords. Include articles about choosing a building inspector and getting the most out of a house inspection and a building report as well as caring for your property.

Buying a house, apartment or any building is a big commitment. Make sure you are informed. Make sure you choose a quality inspection.

From a customer:

Kevin completed 2 pre-purchase inspections for us. The two locations were opposite ends of the scale with one showing extensive work required and the other very well looked after. Thanks to Kevin's inspection we pulled out of a purchase that would have been a nightmare for us. Kevin's reports were very detailed, professional and excellent in providing us with the information to make an informed decision. Highly recommend using this company for your needs!

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Take our checklist with you for a handy reminder of key things to look for inside and out.

When you are planning to buy a new property, you will likely visit lots of open homes. While you will be focused on whether there are enough bedrooms and whether the garden is big enough, it also pays to have a look for any possible issues with the property.

If it ticks all the boxes, then book a building inspection and report.

rental property maintenance is important for landlords

Rental property maintenance and inspections

While property inspections are more often associated with home buyers,  inspections for landlords can also be important They are also useful to help you with rental property maintenance As a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring that your property is safe for tenants and a liveable building. While your tenants can carry out some minor… Read More

buying a house needs a professional builders inspection

What to expect from a house inspection

When you buy a new house, your sale and purchase agreement is likely to include a standard building report clause to arrange builders inspection also known as a pre-purchase house inspection. These inspections check the condition of the house and give you the facts before you finalise the sale. What to expect from a house… Read More

building inspector with clipboard doing building inspections

The importance of building inspections for landlords

If you are planning on buying a house only to rent it out, you might think that a house inspection isn’t necessary. However, building inspections for landlords can play a useful part in maintaining your property portfolio. Here are three situations where building inspections for landlords could be helpful 1.Before buying a new property If… Read More

getting a vendor's building report before listing your house for sale is a good idea

Getting a vendor’s building report

If your property is up for sale, you might expect a building report to be done before completion. Usually, the buyer will arrange and pay for a building inspection. However, it is also possible for you, as the property owner, to get a vendor’s building report done. Benefits of getting a vendor’s building report There… Read More

couple looking at a building report

Getting your building report right

If you are buying a house get a  building report can help you identify any issues before you commit to a sale. What happens when you book a building report? The Building Inspector will arrange a time to visit the property needing inspection. The inspector will check things like the condition of the exterior and… Read More

writing a building report

Why get a building report?

A building inspection is key when buying a house If you are planning to buy a property, then getting a building report before you commit is important. Why get a building report? A building inspection will tell you if there are any issues with the property. You can then raise these with the owner to… Read More

a building inspection for landlords can be useful

Tips for choosing a building inspector

Are you planning to get a pre-purchase inspection or need a building report? Choosing a building inspector is important. However, as with choosing any tradesman or service provider, you need to be careful that you are getting a professional who will do a thorough job. While there are standards for building inspections in New Zealand,… Read More

a white picket fence belonging to a home. If you are buying a home you need a pre-purchase inspection.

Why get a professional building inspection

Why get a professional building inspection rather than do it yourself If you are planning on buying a new home, are planning on selling or just want to give your own property the once over, you might think that you can spot any problems yourself. But getting an accurate picture may be harder than you… Read More

Three reasons why you need a pre-purchase builders report

Why you need a pre-purchase builders report. Buying a house can be an expensive process. That is why you need a pre-purchase builders report. So you might not be keen to shell out extra money for a pre-purchase builders report. But, in the long run, if you purchase an inspection report, the benefits can far… Read More